St. Lucy's Priory, Glendora, CA

Mission Statement

We, the Sisters of St. Lucy’s Priory, are a Benedictine community of prayer, work and hospitality. We continue to embrace, expand and share our consciousness of God through our corporate educational commitment and ministries.

Anniversary Celebration

We are celebrating the 90th anniversary of the Mall Villa which became St. Lucy’s Priory in 1952.  A local citrus pioneer, William B. Glidden, founder of the Glendora Heights Orange and Lemon Association, built the house described in the real estate brochure as “this extremely picturesque 5 1/3 acre estate.”


The Priory’s age is definitely showing in some respects as the repairs and refurbishing demands seem never-ending.  At the same time the classic Italian Renaissance design and natural beauty of the property has made it a very special home.



The main sponsored ministry of the community has been St. Lucy’s Priory High School since it was established in 1962.  The school recently completed the transition to solar power.  The monitoring equipment was installed in the science wing to allow student observation of the energy conversion process. 

St. Lucy's Priory High School 




The faculty have introduced students to the Benedictine Hallmarks, developed by the American Benedictine Colleges, in a variety of ways including art projects.

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Blue Mountain Court Retreat House

A newer ministry is the Blue Mountain Court Retreat House in Grand Terrace (Riverside) coordinated by Sister Joan Marie Sasse. Sister Joanie facilitates weekend retreats as well as evening prayer groups during the week.  Unique to this property is an 80-foot handicapped accessible labyrinth available to retreat participants and the public. 

Benedictine Guild Ash Wednesday Retreat

From the beginning of the community there has been a Benedictine Guild, women who came together in support of the community.  One of the Guild’s traditional events is an Ash Wednesday retreat.  This year’s theme was Our Purpose in Life is to Shine LIGHT in Dark Places and was attended by approximately 130 women.

Founding member passes away

Sister Collette Smith, O.S.B.


The oldest community member, Sister Colette Smith, (95) died December 29, 2017.  S. Colette was one of the original Mount St. Scholastica, Atchison volunteers who came to San Diego to help staff newly established parish schools in this newly established diocese.  S. Colette arrived in California in 1948 and stayed to become a founding member of St. Lucy’s in 1956.  

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