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Oct 5, 2021 Circular Lettter from the Abbot Primate

October 5, 2021 Circular Letter from the Abbot Primate - English
2021.Oct.ENG - Circular Letter.pdf
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October 5, 2021 Circular Letter from Abbot Primate - Spanish
2021.Oct.ESP - Circular Letter.pdf
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Newsletter for Members of the Communio Internationalis Benedictinarum

Issue 16 Newsletter - English
ISSUE 16 - english June 2021.pdf
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Issue 16 Newsletter - Spanish
ISSUE 16 - espanol June 2021.pdf
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Lent 2021 Circular Lettter from the Abbot Primate

Lent 2021 Circular Letter from Abbot Primate
ENG - Circular Letter - Lent 2021.pdf
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Cuaresma de 2021
ESP - Circular Letter - Lent 2021.pdf
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CIB Advent/Pandemic Newsletter

CIB Advent/Pandemic Newsletter 2020
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Advent/Christmas 2020 Circular Lettter from the Abbot Primate

Cir Letter Advent/Christmas 2020
Cir Letter-Advent Christmas 2020-ENG.pdf
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Cir Letter Adviento Navidad 2020
Cir Letter-Adviento Navidad 2020-SPA.pdf
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July 2020 Circular Lettter from the Abbot Primate

July Circular Letter English
2020 July Cirular Letter-ENG.pdf
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July Circular Letter - Spanish
2020 July.Circular Letter - Coronavirus [...]
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May 2020 Circular Lettter from the Abbot Primate

Circular Letter - May 2020 ENG.pdf
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Circular Letter - May 2020 SPA.pdf
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Easter Greetings from CIB Leadership

Text of Sister Lynn Marie McKenzie's portion of the video above in English:


Greetings to all Benedictine women of the CIB!


First, I thank you for your witness of fidelity to prayer and your life in community.  I strongly believe that our communal life of prayer is more important in our world than ever. We must be women of hope and peace during this time of disorientation in our world, reminding our world of what is important in life. It is not about what we do as much as knowing who we are in the light of God, the Resurrected Jesus who has redeemed us.


I remind us all that we have so much in our monastic life that is gift and we must, from our hearts, share it freely. Let us encourage each other and our world to have courage, not fear.  As my monastic friends I met in Spain last fall taught me, we can say, “Animo!” Take courage! Christ has risen. 

New letter from the Abbot Primate

In this letter, the Abbot Primate announces the postponement  of the September 2020 Congress until September 2021. English and Spanish versions of the letter are available below.

Circular Letter - Congress 2020 ENG.24 A[...]
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Circular Letter - Congress 2020 SPA.24 A[...]
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CIB Moderator offers a message of support during the COVID-19 pandemic 

On 18 March 2020 Sister Lynn McKenzie, OSB sent out a video message on social media to the Sisters and Nuns of the CIB. Click on link above to view the video). Below is the text of that video message along with a prayer she composed asking the intercession of Saints Benedict and Scholastica to assist us through this uncertain time.


Dear Sisters and Nuns of CIB (and other various pronunciations of CIB),

Just a message from me, your moderator, to say I am thinking of all of you and the sisters in your monasteries and praying for safety for us all.  I know these are unusual times and it’s difficult, isn’t it, when we have to change our routines?  I know we are all lifting up the needs of the world in prayer and breathing peace.  As followers of St. Benedict, we seek peace and pursue it, as the Rule says. (RB Prologue vs 17) So together let us continue to pray and to be in communion.  God bless you all.


Prayer in the time of COVID-19

O Holy Father Benedict and Holy Mother Scholastica,

We ask you to intercede for our world as we face the danger of the coronavirus.  May we have your faith to remain strong, your love to give to our hurting and frightened world, and your fidelity to the monastic way of life with which we have been entrusted.  Knowing we are your followers, imperfect though we are, we call on your strong advocacy before God’s throne asking for protection and deliverance from this dread disease. We ask this of you, faithful founders of our way of life who live in full union with the God who loves us and wants only our good.


Abbot Primate Circular Letter on the Coronavirus

English text
2020 March Circular Letter - Coronavirus[...]
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Spanish text
2020 March.Circular Letter - Coronavirus[...]
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CIB Newsletter February 2020

CIB Newsletter February 2020
2020.Feb. - ISSUE sent 2-21-2020.p[...]
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Boletin CIB No. 14 febrero 2020
BOLETÍN CIB Nº 14. 2020. better for prin[...]
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Abbot Primate's Advent Letter

Cir Letter-Advent-Christmas 2019 ENG.pdf
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CIB Newsletter Jan. 2019

The new CIB Newsletter introduces the members of the CIB Council. To download and view the newsletter, click the link below.

Letter to CIB Delegates 28 Jan 2019.pdf
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Benedictine Women United in Prayer

From a letter by Sister Jennifer Mechtild, Chair of the Conference of Benedictine Prioresses:


At the opening of the 2018 Symposium in Rome, each Region brought a cloth that represented their region. At the end of the Symposium, each region was given the cloth from another region and were asked to hold that region in prayer until the next Symposium in 2022. We received the cloth from Region 7 -- Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine.


As a way of sharing in prayer for Region 7, each community will have the cloth for a month and can display it a a reminder to pray.


The schedule of travel for the cloth around our Region is listed below.

  2018 2019 2020


  Covington, KY Rock Island, IL
Feb.   Cullman, AL Chicago, IL


  St. Leo, FL Lisle, IL
Apr.   Nassau, Bahamas Fort Smith, AR
May   Bristow, VA Liberty, MO
Jun.   Ridgely, MD Clyde, MO
Jul.   Lutherville, MD Crookston, MN
Aug.   Elizabeth, NJ St. Joseph, MN
Sep.   Westfield, VT St. Paul, MN
Oct. Beech Grove, IN Erie, PA Duluth, MN
Nov. Ferdinand, IN Bakerstown, PA Richardton, ND
Dec. Martin, KY Middleton, WI Bismark, ND





Jan. Rapid City, SD Japan  
Feb. Watertown, SD Cottonwood, ID  
Mar. Yankton, SD Colorado, Springs, CO  
Apr. Norfolk, NE Mt. Angel, OR  
May Atchison, KS Lacey, WA  
Jun. Tulsa, OK Nanaimo, BC Canada  
Jul. Boerne, TX Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada  
Aug. Humacao, Puerto Rico Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-Lac (QC)  
Sep. Torreon, Mexico    
Oct. Mexico City, Mexico    
Nov. Pheonix, AZ    
Dec. Taiwan    


Region 6 (Germany) is praying for the Benedictine Sisters of Region 9 (US and Canada).


For more information about the closing ritual see the following link to the CIB website:

Sister Lynn Marie attends CIB Council Meeting in Germany

Sister Lynn Marie and Abbot Primate Gregory Polan Sister Lynn Marie and Abbot Primate Gregory Polan

Sister Lynn Marie travelled to Germany and Abtai Dinklage, a women's Benedictine abbey in the town of Dinklage.  She attended a Council meeting of the Communio Internationalis Benedictinarum (CIB). Sister Lynn Marie serves as moderator of the Council which consists of women monastic leaders from Spain, Germany, Tanzania, and Belgium.  During one of the CIB meeting days, Abbot Primate Gregory Polan, joined the group to discuss various topics.


Here is a link to some local German coverage of the event (in German):


Sister Lynn Marie McKenzie elected as CIB Moderator

On Friday, September 14, 2018, the final day of the quadrennial symposium of the Communio Internationalis Benedictinarum (CIB), the assembled delegates from all parts of the world elected our Federation President, Sister Lynn Marie McKenzie, to a four-year term as Moderator of the CIB. Her term of office follows the twelve years of service completed by Sister Judith Ann Heble of Chicago.


The role of the Moderator is to coordinate all of the CIB activities. She presides over Conference and Administraive Council meetings and directs the work of the CIB.  She also serves as the liaison between the CIB Conference and the Abbot Primate of the Benedictine Confederation.


The primary purpose of the CIB is to promote mutual support and exchange of ideas and experience among Benedictine women on an international level and to foster the development of women's monasticism.  The CIB also serves to support the relationship between women's communities and the Benedictine Confederation and to advise the Abbot Primate on issues as they relate to Benedictine women. For more information about CIB, visit their website at

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